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We received our UBA5 today and started using it immediately. We are very pleased of how it performs and how easy it was to set up and run. We were able to quickly characterize several lithium polymer packs. We will be using this equipment often, and might download the LabView drivers in the future.
You have earned a new customer and we will not hesitate recommending your products.
Juan J. Estevez, Product Assurance Engineer
Tyco Retail Solutions Florida, U.S.A.

We have one of your UBA4 analysers and we know that it has paid for itself many times over and we have no hesitation in recommending it to other companies like ourselves. I think it is a great thing that you are still providing updated software for this model.
Douglas Fairbank, Service Technician
Hasselblad UK, United Kingdom

The UBA5 is easy to setup and to create battery analysis routines. Our first UBA5 proved so useful, and allowed us to uncover battery issues that we otherwise would not have been aware of prior to product launch, that we purchased two more. The software is intuitive; and, when communicating with Vencon regarding unique and advanced applications, their technical support has been outstanding.
Ted Dekker
X-rite, Inc., Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A.

At Dr Ten BV we use UBA5s for their programming flexibility to study different batteries. We recommend the UBA5 for its versatility and for Vencon's excellent technical support.
Diego Quintero, Product Developer Engineer
Dr Ten BV, Netherlands

The UBA4 you sold us years ago is still in use and has been most helpful with testing batteries.
Richard Delmege
Physicor, Switzerland

The UBA5s we purchased from you perform beautifully! We are very pleased with the capabilities, flexibility and the data output.
Ned Connolly
Engineering Manager
Aved Electronics, U.S.A.

We have been using the heck out of the Vencon UBA5 analyzers we have purchased from you and they are doing a great job for us.
Randy Parrett
Senior Meter Apparatus Tech
Homer Electric Association, Alaska, U.S.A.

Way back Marc I obtained a UBA4 from you for battery analysis/selection for our small New Zealand satellite KiwiSAT. It is still going fine I should say. We're using it to match cells for our satellite. It was very fortunate that we stumbled on to your site way back!
Thanks for your incredible support and very best regards
Fred Kennedy
KiwiSAT Project Leader
KiwiSAT - A New Zealand Satellite, New Zealand

The UBA is a great unit and I'm glad we have it.
Bill Franke
Electronic Dairy Services, Inc.

I have been using my UBA III+ with great joy since March 1999 (still using it today, January 2013) and I have not lost a R/C plane due to nicad battery failure, thanks to the UBA.
Ken Kalynuk
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I have been using a variety of battery analysis equipment for about fifteen years in my business. I have seen and used all the expensive models but this unit is truly impressive. Bang for the buck, I am thoroughly satisfied with it and will recommend this product to anyone I know needing to test batteries. Take my word for it, this unit is a wonderful tool and should be a part of every R&D lab that tests batteries. Good job Vencon on a well thought out product.
Norm Kellogg
VP of Engineering
Monolith Battery Inc., U.S.A.

Just a spontaneous feedback from a busy engineer in Switzerland: Your battery analyzer is a GREAT THING!!!!! The hardware as well as the software make a very good impression; we love the graphical designer for test/load/condition/etc... cycles, which is soo straightforward and easy! Well done!
You've hit the customer requirements perfectly.
Stephan Knecht
Bones GmbH, Switzerland.

Just so you know, we're HIGHLY impressed with your systems and they have been a tremendous asset.
John Mollura
Senior Systems Engineer
ILC Dover, U.S.A.

Marc, our battery business is booming and we're using the 20 UBA4s we bought from you at 100% duty cycle, and they are holding up and performing beautifully. Whenever somebody asks me for advice on buying a battery analyzer, I always recommend your unit over the Cadex C7000 series every time due to the increased flexibility and overall ease of use.
Dale Curtis, Manager
Quality Assurance Dept.
Lenmar Enterprises, Inc., U.S.A.

Hello Marc. I want to commend you on the functionality of your UBA4 tester; it has been extremely beneficial to me and my company. I have been able to do some creative and proprietary programs to achieve results that surpass those on my R&D Tester that cost tens of thousands of dollars.
Kenneth Wilkerson
Testing Engineer
WaveCrest Energy Systems, U.S.A.

I love the UBA4 more and more as I get to use the different features. Thanks again. Thanks for the analysis of my results. Also, thanks for a great product and service! Wish I knew about it a few chargers ago!
Matt Coupe
Village Properties, Inc., Kauai, Hawaii

The 36 analyzers that we bought a few months back have worked out great! That test program has just finished up, and I appreciate all your help in getting us going. The UBA is a great product; it's really helped us out and made my life simpler.
Pat LeBlanc
Instrumentation Manager
National Technical Systems

I've been using your machine of late. Previously, only my engineers used it directly, and then only on a sporadic basis. Now, it's my turn. This is a great tool. I really appreciate being able to mold the charge and discharge programming easily to fit the test that I have in mind. I also like the impedance test, etc.
Thanks, Marc.
Ira Faberman
Silverline Power Conversion

The old Alexander battery discharger we previously had here was not used unless I was here. As a service shop manager, I am always here to open the shop but often out after that on sales and service errands, meetings, etc. With the Vencon UBA battery analyzer I set it up for 3 cycles every morning over coffee and print the test results when we close. I do nothing with it during the day now.

The Vencon UBA has freed up my time and allowed a triple increase in my personal productivity as it runs independent of my schedule. I like the graphs and records it generates, and gives a competitive edge as customers are impressed by the information we now provide. It demonstrates to them one of many things we do so well for their benefit as a valued customer. A must for a service shop attempting to demonstrate more.

P.S. We've tripled our production, cut our turnaround time by 66%
cut staffing from 2hrs/day to 10min/day, increased battery sales by finding that capacity was O.K., but average voltage wasn't, and several other factors, capacity is only one measurement and our Alexander only provided that.
Warmest Regards
David Harris, General Manager
Faith Communications, Marshall Texas
(A Motorola MSS)

The UBA is perfectly suited to my requirements for Battery Repacking. The design is a credit to you, and a bloody clever little device it is! I've got to tell you it's been worth the "status symbol" value alone here in my neck of the woods!

The local electric flight aero club for example, gets me to make battery packs in various configurations for their planes. When they saw the UBA and the professional graphs the UBA spits out etc, I was undeservedly elevated overnight to a highly sophisticated Battery Doctor Guru! You have given me credibility beyond my wildest imagination! Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!
Norm Day
The Battery Doctor, Bomaderry NSW, Australia

What a great product! My UBA has been in almost constant use this year, as I went thru my stock of cells for my radio control planes. Since I sell packs for radio control receivers and transmitters, I now include a 3 cycle test of each pack and furnish the graphs along with them at no extra charge to my customers.
Thank you for such a good product!
Dale House
Dale House & Associates, Lindale Texas, USA

To say that the UBA is different is an understatement. Some of the things that have really impressed friends that I've shown it to and helped with their batteries: its versatility is shown in that its the best system for completely managing your radio batteries. More than that I have used it on my battery powered screw driver, my cam-corder batteries, and my electric shaver batteries. I am in the process of making a hookup to try it out on cordless phone batteries. Can't do this with the competition (by the way, my other battery tester is a Digipace and I think it's great but....).

With the computer controlled UBA you have complete control over the system unlike the others I've seen. What's most impressive I think is when friends see the computer printouts and graph printout. Once you shut off a Digipace, the info is lost but not so with the UBA! I have done a test now three times for a friend and each time (approx. 3 month intervals ) the results show an improvement in restored capacity of both his battery packs, plus he has the graphs to compare as well as the stats on his batteries. He's thrilled. I get the same results with my own battery packs and you know how I feel!

What do I think? The UBA is absolutely the best, don't be afraid to let people know. You've got the product to back up all claims!!!!!
Thanks again Marc
Charles G. Maker
Brantford, Ontario, Canada

I have been using your UBA for almost a year now and it is great. The best thing about it is the confidence derived from looking at the actual graphs.
Doug Dodson
HobbyTown USA, Austin, Texas


battery analizing and charging
battery analyzing and charging battery analyzing and charging battery analyzing and charging battery analyzing and charging
battery analizing chargingbattery analizing and charging
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