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Accessories: High Power Solutions

As the demand on batteries grow, manufactuers are responding by building battery packs with increasing higher voltages and more capacity.

Portable drills now come with 30V batteries, both NiCD and lithium ion. The latest UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), such as the Raven RQ-11 are battery powered. The UBA5's capability can be extended in both current, power and voltage to handle these larger batteries.

We sell UBA5s with their voltage range extended to handle higher voltage batteries. See our UBA5-30V and UBA5-60V.

The easiest method increase the current and power handling capability of the UBA is to simply parallel the two channels on the UBA5. This doubles the UBA5s capability. In the photo below a channel combiner adapter is used to parallel both UBA5 channels allowing a discharge rate of 6A. This test is more demanding of the battery and will give more accurate results.

UBA5 with Channel Combiner Adapter

For even more current and power you can combine the channels of more then one UBA5. In the photo below we connected four UBA5s together in order to to give us a discharge ability of 24A with a 360W limit and 16A of charge current. We used that capability to test a 2.3Ah 19.4V battery at 8C. We could have gone to 10C discharge by adding a bit of series resistance (longer wire).

Of course purchasing multiple UBA5s isn't very cost effective (see our HCLM for more cost effective solution), but it's nice to know that if you already have the UBA5s, you can combine them for higher currents and power.

Four UBA5s with all channels combined

Channel Combiner Adapter

The Channel Combiner Adapter combines two UBA5 battery inputs allowing parallel channel charging and discharging which doubles the available current. If you have more than one UBA5 you can use multiple channel combiners for even higher currents.

Channel Combiner Adapter
  Part# CCA Price  $10 USD  

Relays Modules

(Not stocked, custom order only, but not untill 2015)

With a relay box, your UBA5 can control an external circuit. You can commands to open or close the relay into the battery analysis program. For example, you can have the relay close the contacts to initiate a battery discharge and have it open the contacts when the battery reaches the cut off voltage. Or use the UBA5 internal load and have the relay control a temperature chamber. The relay modules are not a stocked item, but are made on a custom basis. We can make them with any number of contacts (but one or two are the most common). They can come with contacts of up to 50A and 240VAC.

The diagram below shows either a relay module controlling an external load.

UBA Relay Box
UBA Relay Box

50A High Current Load Module (HCLM rev3)

The High Current Load Module allows discharging a battery at up to 50 Amperes and 60V. It works in conjunction with a load that you supply and a UBA5. Under control of the UBA it electronically connects and disconnects the load and measures and records the load current. For the load, you can use automotive lamps, power resistors or an active load. With the HLCM you can determine the capabilities of your battery under heavy load.

What's Included:

  • HCLM module
  • Connectors
  • Software
  • Manual

You need only supply your own load.

Note, you can't use the HLCM at the same time as the standard temperature probe set, as they both use the same port.

The HCLM comes with an accessory port that needs to be installed on your UBA. If you order a UBA5 with your HCLM then the accessory port will be pre-installed, otherwise you can install it yourself.

The photo below shows the HCLM as we're currently selling it.

UBA High Current Load Module

Introductory offer:

We have a limited number of HCLMs and have been too busy selling UBA5s to source an enclosure for them. You can use it as shown, find your own enclosure, or wait until later this year when we'll have something (with an increase in price).

  Part# HCLM-50A Price  $695 USD

battery analizing and charging
battery analyzing and charging battery analyzing and charging battery analyzing and charging battery analyzing and charging
battery analizing chargingbattery analizing and charging
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